Google Analytics API Roundup

Man, you gotta love the internet. Within a week of the general availability of the Google Analytics API there's an explosion of interesting new works and open source creations. While some folks may have had access before the announcement, the checkin streams on github show there's no time like the present.

There are two Ruby wrappers: Gattica and Garb as well as one in Python. (Update: See this offc. Google Analytics blog post for more)

I did a bit of hacking over the weekend and adapted one of the code samples to present a word cloud of search referral keywords. Bounce rate is mapped to opacity and frequency to sum of traffic from all phrases including the word.

Mad props to the Juice Analytics folks for their Google API explorer tool for making it easy to get a grasp on the capabilities and restrictions. There are some hard to predict limitations on the factor and metric combinations allowed. Also notable in limitations is no support for eventing data.

There's sure to be lots of interesting things to come. I'm not especially interested in tools that mimic the functionality of the web site in desktop application form, but rather in tools that go beyond the analyses that GA enables. Check out Google's gallery for a mix of the two.

The desktop folks have a basic replication widget available with the promise of fancier stuff to come. The Juice Analytics folks have a keyword research tool called Concentrate.

We're pondering keyword applications as well, along with traffic source, automated diagnostics, and more advanced path analyses. What would you like to see available from your Google Analytics data?

Finally, if you'd like to try the keyword cloud view on your site, here's the link for the exceptionally quick keyword cloud hack above. Works best in Safari / Chrome at the moment strangely.

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Nancy's Gravatar I'm getting an error when I try to run the data export to cloud: "AuthSub token has wrong scope", or thereabouts. Is it just me? Thanks...
# Posted By Nancy | 4/28/09 1:28 AM
Tim Leighton-Boyce's Gravatar Your mention of 'automated diagnostics' certainly caught my attention. I have a client who was asking about exactly that. My suspicion is that GA latency means that it would be no good for the kind of thing they had in mind (closer to site monitoring). But I think it might be useful to be able to trigger alerts on slightly longer term trends. For example: "daily funnel abandon rate > threshold" or even "unusual daily funnel abandon rate variation".
# Posted By Tim Leighton-Boyce | 4/28/09 4:00 AM
Nancy's Gravatar Never mind - it didn't work in Firefox 3.0.9 using Mac OS X but did work in Safari 3.1.2. Cool app...
# Posted By Nancy | 4/29/09 1:06 PM
Rob K's Gravatar API's are brilliant. Especially google api's - very useful indeed. Lovely idea too - opacity based on traffic and bounce rate is great. Another idea could be to affect style sheets based on api results? Then the sky is the limit tbh.
# Posted By Rob K | 5/8/09 3:06 AM
Goverment Money Club's Gravatar I think it might be useful to be able to trigger alerts on slightly longer term trends.
# Posted By Goverment Money Club | 5/27/09 1:05 PM
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