SEO Position & UI Links Google Analytics Scripts Updated

The SEO Position script now supports Yahoo, MSN & Live, in addition to Google. The name of the event has changed from "Google SEO" to Google. Thanks to Jim M. from Bunk Beds Now for the help expanding the script.

Alas, it was not originally apparent that logging a source event will flip the bit on "user bounce" and deflate your bouce rate for a page. Rapid detection of near-page-1 rankings may be worth the trade-off.

I've also updated the UI Region Logger to use eventing instead of synthetic page views. Just flip the ui_useEventing boolean to true in the script source.

Read more in the orginal post, but to recap, this script requires that you tag key areas of your interface with a UI attribute. For example, you'd add ui="sidebar" to the div that contains your sidebar. With every click, the script walks up the DOM and checks if there's a UI label above it. I'm looking forward to providing a tool to do a heatmap style visualization of click regions once I build up a good data set with this one. The data is much easier to isolate than in the prior exit link mode.

The image shows the first data from this site with one click on the tag cloud in the right sidebar and 2 clicks in the tools menu.

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