Google Analytic Gems #1: Split Test Evaluation with Only New Users

A question on LinkedIn, now closed, asked "what are some hard to find but useful reports in GA?" While clicks to task completion is far from the ultimate metric, Google Analytics does suffer from some slightly onerous depth issues for specific data points.

We do a lot of split testing with Google Analytics by defining custom segments and serving each segment a different UI. One issue with understanding the impact of new features, particularly for sites with lots of repeat visitors (e.g. content / blog sites vs ecommerce), is the novelty effect. New features, or even simple changes in layout, can have a short term halo as users notice and engage with the changed content.

Google Analytics does allow you to look at your user defined segments for new and repeat visitors, but it does require a few clicks. Follow along with the picture:

Starting in the visitors submenu (1), the New & Returning report allows you to drill into New users (2). The segment drop down has lots of useful pivots, including "user defined" (3).

Picture #4 shows the results for new users of a split test that moved an mailing list subscribe box from left to right. The magnitude of the effect diminished over time as we tested this. However, by drilling into only new users, we see the original effect size. Looking at all users, the effect is smaller, and looking at returning users, the effect is smaller still.

Dealing with the halo effect is one of the reservations that was expressed during "AB Testing: Designer Friend or Foe" at SXSW. Splitting users into new and returning is one of the easiest strategies for seeing through this confound.

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