Scrutinizing the Shopping Experience

Over at StomperNet, we've just released the Scrutinizer browser as a free download.

Here's a (video only) screencast of me using the Scrutinzer browser to shop for the XBOX 360 game "Assassin's Creed" at Amazon. It takes me 2 minutes. First, I find the 360 games category quickly @0:20, but chose the wrong game genre category, fighting @0:43. Next up, I chose adventure @1:08 (turns out it's in action).

After two wrong tries, I resort to search @1:15, but I'm set to search in the adventure category and have to reset it to search all xbox games. I finally reach the page @1:38, and add-to-cart, success.

We produced a super engaging 30 minute video with animation explaining this, but in short, the tool simulates the limited high resolution vision available to humans as they use the computer. The visual simulation allows me to zoom in and out of the page and illustrates the tunnel vision a user has given a specific goal.

The tool is freely available (happy holidays!) and you can learn more about the principles behind it, how to use it, and get the download at

Shout out to the WebMetrics Guru blog who garnered some interesting insights from the video alone, and to The Scobleizer for the generous props.

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Gary's Gravatar Thanks for the great analysis and the free download.

We're trying to speed up the Amazon search process and would be interested in seeing if you could have gotten to your result any faster by typing assassins creed into . You could also see a graphical representation of ratings of all 360 Action games then with just a couple of clicks if you wanted to. Suggestions welcome as it's in development.
# Posted By Gary | 12/26/07 2:46 PM
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